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Meet The Artist Meme! by nicholaskole Meet The Artist Meme! :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 692 32
Why Fat Shaming Works
Fat shaming works
It taught me that eating was okay
As long as you sat on the bathroom floor afterwards
Fat shaming works
Because it taught me to never accept my body
It taught me that every bit of flab or fat was toxic
Fat shaming works
It's taught me to be vain
It's taught me to carve words into my skin
Fat shaming works
Because at the age of 12
The illusion was there that eating
Just a bowl of carrots was a healthy meal
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 23 27
Fat - BoxedPhotos by devilishlysweetplus
Mature content
Fat - BoxedPhotos :icondevilishlysweetplus:devilishlysweetplus 534 589
Fat Girl
I am the girl with the pretty face
Who 'could be so beautiful'
I had to develop a personality
Had to become funny and likeable
Had to perfect the art of the one-minute introduction
And I am not lovely
I am personable
I am not the ingénue
I am the character actress
I will say "yes."
That is what separates us from the pack.
We will say "yes."
And we will make jokes at our own expense
We will learn to laugh when someone pokes our belly
We will flirt without fear
Because we've already been shot down so many times
That what is one more rejection?
We will live life like others cannot
Full of reckless abandon
And joy and fun and laughter
Because the quickest way to learn to not give a fuck
Is to be one of us
For we have been so downtrodden
We have been so shamed
That we've grown callouses on our BMIs
And if you call me fat,
I will laugh and say, "Obviously."
Darling, if you wear your pain like armor
No one can use it to hurt you
And in the end, we will all be the same
And we will all fee
:iconspicexisxnice:spiceXisXnice 167 128
I once
knelt to kiss
my mother's belly
as it spilled fluidly
over her waistband,
the milky, mottled
soft skin stretched
taut and drawn
in thick puckers
of flesh. I pressed
grateful lips to the swell,
the feathery, darkened scar
where they wrenched us
:iconmme-enigmatique:mme-enigmatique 259 60
i am not handsome, but i am endearing
and wearing clothes to cover my indecent
flesh and unhealthy habits i will charm you
with witty jokes, sarcasm, and a surprising intellect;
because, who would think I’d be social
and approachable, smart, and charming
despite being fat, and unattractive?
considering the question
i dared to undress and see my body
for the first time in weeks
-sagging belly, and a full stomach ,
fat breasts, stretch marks,
and my manhood asleep
as if it were impotent
and quiet.
people compliment my shirts,
or my beard’s red tint
but never my smile,
and rarely my eyes.
sometimes i am cute,
and i’m compared to big teddy bears
‘cause I’m ‘comfortable’ and ‘big’
and ‘huggable’
but i didn’t quite hear the same compliments
when i was 60 pounds lighter.
i am not a man, i am an overweight child
with a bad knee and penchant
to dissimulate my pain
and self-defecating humor.
my beard is a mess, but it hides
:iconkonjuku:Konjuku 398 273
Fat Acceptance by winterbutterfly81 Fat Acceptance :iconwinterbutterfly81:winterbutterfly81 541 494
I looked into the mirror
I saw that my face was plumper
My thighs much bigger
My stomach much fatter
A piece of cake in my right hand
I look at this large body
I see that I'm fat
5'3 210 pounds and to my shock
I think I'm beautiful
For the first time in my life
This isn't some feel superior mantra I'm saying to make myself feel better
I am beautiful
I eat that piece of cake in one bite
:iconslinkpink:slinkpink 114 75
Editorial- Fat
Lately, I've become more and more frustrated about the obsession with weight in this country. In the supermarket aisle, you see one tabloid proclaiming a certain actress is dieting herself to death while right next to it another tabloid is declaring an actress maybe ten pounds heavier is getting pudgy. Fat jokes are abundant and unchecked in popular movies. (The Wedding Singer, for instance.) Weight Loss commercials air non-stop on TV, often times showing a woman who in her before-picture didn't have a discernable weight problem and in her after picture looks like a skeleton covered with skin.
  Just as the economic classes of Upper, Middle and Working class have started to disintegrate into Rich and Poor, weight categories have disintegrated into "fat" and "unhealthily skinny."
  Women and men who have a slight weight problem spend much more time thinking about it then they need to for their health, and people such as myself who actually are significantly overweight are treated like s
:iconfatgirlstock:fatgirlstock 58 183
funny how
society says shrinking
to less
will make us more.
cruel how
we believe it.
today i ate a
pack of oreos.
as i chewed
the hard cookie
and swallowed
the sweet filling
i felt
and e x p a n d
bigger and
until i could
no longer fit
into myself.
today i ate a
pack of oreos.
but what will it be
a cracker?
a celery stick?
meals getting smaller
until they are only snacks
snacks getting smaller
until they are nothing.
funny how
i hate this system
of winning
by losing
until you are zero.
cruel how
i want this, too.
:iconbajabbers:bajabbers 32 27
acuarelle les promeneurs sous la lune by Mai-e acuarelle les promeneurs sous la lune :iconmai-e:Mai-e 230 17
A Run-On Sentence About Staying Where You Are
In a halo of messy hair
and metal shavings everywhere
my thoughts return to you
and what I would do
if we were less constricted,
if we were less restricted,
by the paths we've chosen
that leave us almost frozen
in warm beds
with full heads,
busy days
set in our ways
and complacent
with energy spent
on getting by,
forgetting why
we are even here
and it becomes clear
that things just are
the way they are
and it doesn't matter that you make me nervous,
that the only time my thoughts find purchase
is when they return to you
and what I would do
if we were less constricted,
if we were less restricted.
:iconvigour-mortis:vigour-mortis 75 39
Serenity by fuwaffy Serenity :iconfuwaffy:fuwaffy 10,025 210 Chihiro and No-Face by deerfox-art Chihiro and No-Face :icondeerfox-art:deerfox-art 787 90 Magic Book by deerfox-art Magic Book :icondeerfox-art:deerfox-art 3,999 369 Dream Journal by PaperandDust Dream Journal :iconpaperanddust:PaperandDust 6,537 423



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